What Struggle We Face Mastering our Minds


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“If other people could learn, you can learn too”

After spending four years traveling and spending all my budget on it, at the end of 2019, I decided that I want more from life alongside traveling. I was on after a dream, and the minute I realized it, I start looking for something else.


During the past month, I felt as if I was hiking up a mountain, a big one. I’ve been struggling to do the regular a simple thing because something in me was different, just like the moment The Grinch grew up a heart and started feeling its beats, and it was overwhelming to him, but for others, it’s the perfect thing.

I believe we only face the things we can deal with, and it’s the moment of truth for us: To Be or Not to Be.



After looking up my symptoms, I saw it’s a “growing symptom,” so the plan is going as I want it. Listening to all gurus in self-growth, I realized I’m on the right path. Therefore I can breathe, calm down and smile for a moment because soon enough, I will be on the top once again, and the hard things will be gone, and I will be ready for the next level in my life.


Some gurus say and advise enjoying the process and so far, I’ve only focused on the struggle without living the process.



Another struggle I face is to be like everyone else, while being true to myself, which made me a bit bitter because what made me get this far is my uniqueness and my self-driven and not being a copy of everyone else.



The other thing I noticed this month is that sometimes it’s good to be self-absorbed but not fall into it too deep, just keep it balanced. In my opinion, balance is the key to a serene healthy life.


I still have some decisions to make to achieve my goals, to keep my path and try to avoid the noise from my surroundings. Also, I need to learn how to master my mind and to be responsible for everything that keeps me going and smiling back at life.



Once I had a dream, and now, I have many more.




This post is a personal reflection of what I’m going through, with no relation to do COVID 19.


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