What happens when I achieved my dream?



The amount of pride I have for myself is beyond my ability to put in words!

For a moment it felt like the story of my life how it could get high and low at the same time – I go from “oh my god what was I thinking” to “I’m so happy it worked out and I didn’t give up”!

This story have lots of angles to tell it and the most important one is that simply I did it, I marked a goal and made all the way out!!

It started with lots of set backs, for example, today the weather was my enemy as predicted: fog, snow, ice, wind and rain it’s more than a one challenge for a girl like me, from a warm place could handle (according to someone) and to add for all of this I am in an average shape and just hiked the Trolltunga two days ago and my body already got exhausted and was longing for a bit if a rest.

Knowing all of this I still have faith in my body and in the weather, I’ve already decided that I will not mess with mother mature and there will be no jumping/ making any risky pose, all I want is a chance to be there on the top and fulfill another dream of mine!

So, with this attitude I woke up at 5:10, my ride was at 5:55 (Norwegian do get on time 😅🙃) and we reached our destination after 2:20 driving, guide seemed pessimistic in a way of us reaching the bold rock and I was all about I didn’t make all this way for nothing, that rock is mine to have! And it was a struggle the whole way, all the “factors” checked in:

Wind ✅

Fog ✅

Snow ✅

Ice ✅

And that was at the first 2 km out of 6

This wasn’t promising in a way but I was concentrating on one thing, to deal with one thing at a time, first make the first hill, then deal with the rest. I was slow and the guide tried to rush me since we have a ferry to catch when we go back

And I was “it’s not good to rush me, I have my own rhythm and can’t speed my body into this, so I did my best.

And after passing 3 hills going up and down with all the risky factors that I mentioned, we finally got close to our goal – but as I’ve learned during this life there’s always more to it 🤦🏽‍♀😮 : you simply cannot reach a beauty without sweating your guts and the minute we did- guess how’s the first one to step on it?

Me!!! And I have plans of what I will do, half of them where totally forgotten about and the other was too risky so, I ended up with this one and god I’m more than happy that I made it!!

Just hiked while it was snowing, with fog and wind on a mountain with a ridiculous angle (don’t look down is the way)

So can you imagine how proud I am!


During the struggle I kept speaking to myself in 3 languages

English- when I need to motivate myself

Arabic and Hebrew- when yelling was needed 🤣😅

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