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Like everything else in my life, I’m driven in some way to my next destination. I have a strong emotion towards the place I’m going to, it gets to a point that I manage to find the perfect reasons and resource why to go and how will I manage and so.

So, my story about New Orléans started back then with the movie “The Princess and the Frog” and ended up with “NCIS- NEW ORLEANS” to make me full for this place and to look it up (it was after checking the possibility to get to the Grand Kenyon and it was extremely expensive).

And now that I’ve been there, here 4 reasons why you should go and explore NOLA (That’s how locals call New Orleans):


The city is all about it, and all you need to do is to enjoy it. As George Eliot said: “Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.”

so, get ready to enjoy live music and dance where you want if you want.

music can make people relax, chill and have the best time of their lives especially if it’s a good one.

For Jazz events click here >>

2. Culture

one of the richest cities in the USA, it has it all

3.  Weather

It’s an extremely great one during the spring. During the day it would be warm and at night a bit cold, but mostly you will b listening to music and you wouldn’t mind.

4. Community

yes, we have communities outside Facebook and they are alive and kicking, and taking part in community events would make you feel like part of the city. Follow this one each Tuesday on the bike.

For me, it was a bit different since I was captured by the music and the search for alligators (I seem to surprise myself each time)

There’s more about Nola you can discover, I spent 5 days there met nice people and was lucky to see a few legends in the Jazz Fest.

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