The Puzzle of our Lives


The way I see it life is a fantastic enormous puzzle that contains thousands and thousands of pieces, each piece is a different story, different as a fingerprint- you cannot find like it no matter how hard you try. These little pieces are all joined together to create someone’s full novel, his life.

Each puzzle is a small piece, a part of another bigger puzzle, made from lives and stories and smaller details – LIFE.

What I am saying is that basically, we’re all part of a bigger picture, something so huge even our minds can’t understand it, yet so beautiful that the thought of it even existing is so inspirational.

Which also means that want it or not, we are all one team, all of us are somehow connected. We all go to one place at last, and we make this beautiful picture. We are the ones responsible to make this puzzle fit perfectly, and be as beautiful as it can be. Let’s make our puzzle beautiful.


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