My dream list 😌


The minute I landed, the planning toke place. Looking for the next destination & adventure is the goal, it’s the way I feel free, it’s kinda my therapy, makes me feel good and relaxed. Life isn’t about working all the time or being at the office, we are meant to explore & evolve. 

If you’re reading this, start writing your dreams & how will you make them come to life, don’t be afraid just get out there & dream that your dreams are your reality & enjoy every moment, I know I will!

  • Travel as much as possible 
  • Get rich 
  • Lose 5 kilos 
  • Meet my soul mate 
  • Get new adventures 
  • Smile
  • Workout 
  • Get in shape 
  • Love
  • Live
  • Be myself 
  • Enjoy myself 
  • Be with family 
  • Learn new language 
  • Get involved 
  • Make a difference 
  • Make other people smile
  • Make friends 
  • … 

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