It’s always been a wall

A wall between us and others

A wall between us and freedom

A wall between us and a fancy dinner

A wall between us and the next AirPods

A wall between us and the new life

A wall between us and the abs

A wall… you got the picture, so why aren’t we changing it, like break, remove or just claim it.

We are possessed in a way that sometimes we can’t see the wall that preventing us from being. So, will change it to

There’s nothing preventing me from being me

There’s nothing that I can’t do

There’s no wall between me and my dreams

There’s love that I’m spreading

There’s support I’m giving.

Just go out there and be you.



I just realized that life shouldn't be about a routine, life should be about exploring, watching and learning. I've always been good girl that's follow the rules, don't ask too many questions, yet always felt it should be different, but never was brave enough to do so. So on my 34 birthday, I decided to listen to the voice I've been keeping quiet for so long, I wanted to travel more and explore more, practice all kind of sports, meet new people, get new friends, learn new languages (I speak 3- Arabic, Hebrew and English), want to fall in love, live with animals (love dogs and wolves, but big cats are cool to). Want to stop being afraid from taking chances, want to get rich and help more and do more for this plant we live in... So I'm in a mission to explore myself and fulfill my potential and myself. I write from my own experience, in order to motivate myself and share with you in a belief that I’m not the only one that experiencing this and the more we share the more we will feel that we’re not alone and we can help each other eventually.y

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