4 Reasons why People Travel


What got me thinking about the main 4 reasons that makes me go traveling :

1.Escaping reality or changing the set

The way I see life it doesn’t matter where we are eventually we all deal with the same issues, but changing the “set” gives you a different perspective, helps you to see things from a different angle and can help you in such a great way, release dopamine and this is enough to make you feel awesome

2.Exploring in order to evolve

The minute we go out of our comfort zone we evolve so, imagine what happens when we do so and meet different people and cultures we suddenly see how others deal with the same issues and how we could have done it differently. It’s kind a way we get see the bigger picture while we are releasing dopamine and it’s enough for ya.

3.Gratitude for what we have

Traveling in different places and being able to see the real life of others, listening to their stories makes you thankful for what you have and gives you the chance to realize that each person has his own path and we will walk it anyway, so it’s better to walk it proudly.

4. Everyone is doing it

It’s one of the main reasons we do anything in our life, we love to do what others do and sometimes copy it in order to live their lives and have the opportunity to be successful as well.

Each of us has his own reasons eventually, but if we all get to realize how many common things we have, we might understand that we can help, upgrade each other’s lives and set the world to be better because at the end we are all alike one way or another.

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